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Why am I a Rotarian?

We all start out in this wonderful organisation of ours in exactly the same way -- as a Member of a Rotary Club.  Somewhere along the line, the emphasis changes; from simply attending the club meetings and social functions and trying to avoid getting involved in those things which we don't like, to becoming involved in doing all the things -- like them or not -- which Rotary is about.

If you dip into the book "Rotary Wisdom -- Reflections on Service" you'll see the thoughts of many eminent and worthy Rotarians from all over the world answering the question "Why am I a Rotarian?"  Some of them say they can pinpoint the exact time when they became a Rotarian, because of some specific thing that was said to them, or done for them -- or because of something specific which they did themselves.

I can't tell you of any specific thing or event which made me realise that I was a Rotarian as opposed to just a Member of a Rotary Club.

What I can tell you, is that in 1983 someone was kind enough

to invite me to join his Rotary Club.

Since then, Rotary has given to me:-

  • the equivalent of a university education that I couldn't afford to buy;

  • experiences of life and people that I would otherwise have missed;

  • friends and fellowship that I would never have known;

  • the chance to travel to places I hardly knew existed;

  • opportunities to serve -- and to attempt to repay society for the good fortune I've enjoyed in my life so far;

  • and in the face of adversity and personal loss, Rotary gave me the strength and the will to carry on -- and to overcome some very negative and self- destructive thoughts.

In short -- since 1983 Rotary has given to me a quality of life that I would never otherwise have known, and I owe a debt to Rotary and to Society which it is my duty to repay.

That's why I'm a Rotarian

Malcolm Webb   Governor,  RI District 1270,  1998 - 99

Member of the Rotary Club of Lincoln, England

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